Missing a family pet is one of the worst feelings a pet owner can experience. One family in particular last week had that happen to them. Last Monday, Lisa wrote the story on the family who lost their dog in White Sands, & there was a lot of uncertainty on what happened afterwards. Well after a week of missing, we do have an update to this story.

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Last week the dog's owner, Natasha Grünberg posted in the Hiking El Paso Facebook group, claiming that her dog, Canelo, went missing after a trip to White Sands National Park. He took off & he ran too fast for the family to catch up. Thankfully many people helped out to raise awareness of Canelo's missing to try to help locate him. After 8 days & what must've felt like forever... Canelo was found.

Natasha made an update to her original post on January 9th & FitFam shared the news on their IG page saying that teams of White Sand park rangers, military personal & tons of other people were able to locate Canelo safe & sound. He was very thirsty, sick & lost 15 pounds but thankfully a vet who took care of Canelo said that he WILL be ok. The $1,000 reward offered is given to the Park as a donation as well.

I think I speak for myself & all of pet owners everywhere by saying "thank god!". Nothing makes me happier seeing a family reunite with their furry friend again after days of worrying & uncertainty. And looking at the comments on the post on both Instagram and Facebook, I know I'm not the only one who's thankful to see such good news. Also isn't it fitting that on what would have been Betty White's 100th birthday, we get an uplifting story about a dog...

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