As you’re getting ready for a day of celebrating with friends and family, one thing that’s just as important as the firework, is the amazing soundtrack to blast out WHILE you blast the fireworks. Here are some songs from some local artists that are definitely worth adding into your next fireworks soundtrack.

Middle Fingers Unfold Party Rock Anthem”: A song talking about partying? I think that's an obvious choice. A lot of songs from Middle Fingers Unfold talk about partying & having a good time. But I think this is the clearest choice for this list.

Novanima "Light Up the Night” : Another clear choice, just based on the song title alone. The Juarez progressive metal band put out their EP "Origins" back in August of 2021. Imagine if Pink Floyd & Periphery were molded into one band. That's how I would describe Novanima.

Burning Sunday: The 4th of July is not only a day of celebrating our freedom, but it should be a day of remembering too. A day to be thankful to the brave men & women who gave their lives so we COULD remain free. Burning Sunday has a few songs that are tributes to our fallen heroes so I think they deserve a spot.

Circa ArcanaThe Tower”: Just like the fireworks shooting off in the night sky, the sound of Circa Arcana is also quite explosive. While I chose The Tower for it's anthemic sound, you can easily pick any of the 5 songs from their Bridget Viginiti EP in a fireworks playlist.

Fusebox "Alight": The fireworks are lighting up the sky, it only seems right to have a song about things being "alight" doesn't it? From the New Earth album Fusebox released in February of 2022, I think it's the most appropriate song to include while setting some fireworks....alight.

Little KingBombs Away”: It's a classic phrase you say before things go BOOM. The lyrics talk about how one felt during lockdown during the COVID pandemic and then at the end, finding the sun & the strength that everything is going to get better. Not only is it a feel good song to play on a day of celebration, but it's also explosive in the sound too (it also helps that Eddy Garcia from the P. Razors helped out on drums).

Speaking of the Razors...

P. Razors: If you're going to blast fireworks anywhere in El Paso, you have to include the Razors. Why? Because not only have they represented El Paso for well over 20 years, their sound is just as intense & bombastic as any firework out there. Personally I choose any of their songs from their Eulogy Death March album (which actually has QUITE a bit of national rockers on it).

The Mars Volta/At The Drive In: I had to include both of these bands as well. Because both bands have also represented El Paso for so long, they're usually the first bands people think of when you mention "El Paso bands". So to keep that local pride, I say they both deserve a spot.

Tragic LandingEl Paso”: Our final entry on our list, this was one of the most obvious picks: It's named after our city, it names many landmarks AND even though it's not the most energetic in the beginning, it DOES pick up in intensity as the song progresses (just like a fireworks show). So yes...Tragic Landing's El Paso belongs a spot here.

Happy Fourth of July & enjoy the fireworks!

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