Ladies selling food in parking lots is nothing new in the Borderland. Some of the best tamales and burritos I've had are from ladies, or gentlemen, selling them in the parking lot of a Walmart or Food King. However, being swindled while trying to find some good eats is something new to me.

In case you missed it, Veronica wrote an article on a lady who sells empanadas in the Northeast area and while you think that you're paying $4 for the empanadas, you're actually getting charged for more. Apparently, this empanada lady gives herself a nice $16 tip, and on your debit card, you're unknowingly charged $20 for the transaction.

I think we all learned a lesson here: buy at your own risk and don't pay for street food with your card! You know who would never swindle us like this? The eggroll lady! Don't know who the eggroll lady is? She's the only queen of selling food in the Northeast!

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If you're from the Northeast, then you're familiar with The Eggroll Lady. She roams the parking lots and bars of the Northeast selling her hot, delicious eggrolls. When I first encountered her, the eggrolls were only $1. Then, at my last encounter with her, they were up to $2. No big deal. These weren't your ordinary small eggrolls, they were worth it! At least that's what I told myself at 2 in the morning when I would spend $10 on eggrolls. She accepted cash only.

It has been years since I last saw her and purchased from her, many say she moved away; it was inevitable, she was already older in years. However, she still holds a special place in my heart- and I've never had eggrolls like hers ever again. Again, let's review what we learned here- use cash only, but don't let this discourage you from supporting local!

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