Netflix debuted the new "Unsolved Mysteries" on its streaming platform with new stories needing to be solved. I finished the episodes and I have some thoughts. As a child, I was both terrified and obsessed with the show "Unsolved Mysteries." The stories intrigued me, the updates were always so satisfying, and host Robert Stack had the perfect haunting voice to compliment the eery tales. When I was in the 6th grade, our science teacher was also a fan and there was a group of "Unsolved" fans that flock to his classroom. Every lunch, Dr. Black had a group of about 15 students who would hang out inside his classroom to play with the class pets (we had cages of mice we loved to feed and play with) and eat our lunch while checking out "Unsolved Mysteries" reruns on Lifetime. The show had 4 or 5 different "mysteries" we would learn about in the hour-long episode. There was a simple format the show followed:

  1. A Criminal Case- some sort of murder mystery, abduction, missing persons, robbery or other criminal cases that was never solved
  2. Paranormal Activity- alien sightings, ghost stories, haunted locales, or unexplained miracles
  3. Lost People- long lost loves, adopted kids looking for parents or vice versa, people looking for the person who saved their lives, and others.
  4. Unexplained or Alternative Narratives- Looking at events in history and examining them to see if there were other explanations.

After the show was off-air, I missed the show and always wondered if there were some stories that were now solved, that I may never hear their conclusions. Then, Netflix came out saying they would be creating new episodes of the show that would air on their streaming platform. I waited patiently for the show to premiere and when it did, I rushed to binge all the episodes in one day. Well, I have now watched the episodes and have some thoughts on the new stories and format of the new "Unsolved Mysteries" show on Netflix.

The New 'Unsolved Mysteries' Premiered And I have Some Thoughts

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