The top 25 dumbest cities in America have been named and 6 Texas cities made the list with 4 in the top 10. Did El Paso make the cut?

Some would immediately say yes, others would say no while most, I think, would say "maybe". Dumb is as dumb does you know ... that's kinda what Forest said anyway.

The top 25 dumbest cities list was compiled by and is not based on educational stats, average IQ's or anything at all pertaining to intelligence.

Mirror, mirror on the wall; how can we tell who's the dumbest of them all? With apologies to Snow White, that's the question at hand.

Apparently, you don't have to be stupid to be dumb ... just poor. The methodology used to isolate the dumbest cities was based entirely on money.

Each cities average income, overall poverty level and unemployment rate were the key factors in scoring the cities.

Really? I know people at pretty much every wealth level and each of those groups, I assure you, has its share of boneheads. Anyway ... out of the top 25 "dumbest" cities, here are the 6 that Texas can claim and, yes, El Paso made it.

We're actually close to the top, coming in at #3.

  • #19 Austin
  • #18 Fort Worth
  • #10 Dallas
  • #9 San Antonio
  • #3 El Paso
  • #2 Houston

Given the criteria for making the list and a comment in the El Paso summary, I wonder if they're saying these cities are dumb overall or that they're just dumb places to live.

The smarty pants' at got the average annual income for El Paso wrong, ($2,645? We're not Beverly Hills but, c'mon.), their population figure, (985,307), isn't correct (it's 678,415), and McKinney, Texas is nowhere near San Jose.

In case you care, as far as the top 25 dumbest states list goes, Texas was in the middle at #25.

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