They were gone in an instant and, nearly 70 years later, there's still no solid explanation.

Mysteries come and go but, after 66 years, only one new bit of information has come to light regarding the weird and sudden disappearance of the affluent and seemingly happy couple.

According to statements made by friends and colleagues of the Patterson's, William owned a photo supply shop, a cadillac and a boat along with number of nice items and expensive clothes.

Perfect couple, living the perfect 50's life in a perfect little home.

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So what happened?  One morning, a friend named Cecil Ward ... who seems to be the last person to have seen the couple at home, alive and well ... found the Patterson Caddy at his automotive shop.

A friend and business competitor of Patterson, Doyle Kirkland, was driving it and gave Ward some instructions on repair work but wouldn't explain why he had the car.

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Suspicions grew, the cops were called and they went to the Patterson home but found nothing. Just a bit of a mess according to one story:

Dishes from the previous night’s meal were stacked in the kitchen sink. Piles of expensive clothing, including a fur coat, had been left at the cleaners, with no instructions about storage. None of the utilities had been disconnected and the newspaper and mail were still scheduled for delivery. -

They left their cat there too.

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Nada mas until 1984 when a man named Reynaldo Nangaray came forward to say he had cleaned blood and pieces of human scalp from the propellers of the Patterson's boat..

He waited almost 30 years to step up because, in 1957, he was in America illegally and was afraid to get involved with cops. He was killed in a car accident shortly after telling his story.

That's about it. It's 2023 now and nothing has changed nor has any new info surfaced. The house at 3000 Piedmont drive still stands and is said to be haunted.

Photo, YouTube/Under The Ash Tree
Photo, YouTube/Under The Ash Tree

Rumors persist to this day about what happened. They were spies who were called back to their home country. Or captured. One killed the other and fled. They were abducted. Organized crime got them. Both were killed and buried on the premises.

Personally, I think the Chupacabra got 'em but, what do I know?

The list goes on and there's been no real evidence to point in any certain direction, let alone provide a solution.

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