How dare you take pride in where you come from, Texans?

That’s pretty much what I take from the thousands of responses to the person on Reddit who asked Americans that don’t like Texas why they dislike our state. Sure, there were plenty of other responses. But that was the prevailing sentiment.

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You also have to remember that we’re talking about Reddit, the ultimate echo chamber. Anyone who goes against the grain will be downvoted out of existence. Convenient, huh?

The thread had over 7,000 comments as of this posting (and no, I didn’t even come close to reading them all). I probably read about 75 before I finally had enough of the stupid generalizations of people who know very little about our state and the people who reside here.

But here are a few of the comments:

I'm from Alaska, and everyone from Texas swears TX is the biggest state, and because of that, I'm out.

With the exception of the five years I spent in the navy, I’ve lived here my whole life. And I have never, ever, ever heard anyone say that.

Texans are Texans first, Americans second. Their pride over their state can be annoying at times. But the worst thing... At some hotels in Texas, the waffle maker machine is in the shape of Texas.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m an American first, Texan second. And what the hell is wrong with Texas-shaped waffles?

At my brothers high school graduation they did the pledge of allegiance to Texas first then to the United States of America

I have no earthly idea what the Texas pledge of allegiance is, but I can recite the U.S. pledge of allegiance in my sleep.

The cities are not walkable. They are giant highways and 4 lane streets.

This is the case with the majority of cities I’ve been to that are west of the Mississippi River. I guess some people like everything being so crowded together that they have to live on top of each other, but I don’t.

I could go on and on and on refuting the comments from the thread, but you get the gist of it. A whole lot of people on Reddit have preconceived notions about us and they love to spout hatred behind the safety of the internet.

The problem with Reddit is that, just like Dave Chappelle said about Twitter, it isn’t a real place. It’s an online safe haven for hateful people who like to throw rocks at others in order to make them feel better about themselves.

But all opinions aside here’s a fact for you: more people move to Texas than any other state in the US.

And that should tell you all you need to know about this great state of ours.

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