Shinedown have been away for a while but, they're back!

Shinedown have finished up their new album, Threat To Survival, and it hits stores today. Singer Brent Smith explained to the main theme of the new album:

“Survival is a major theme in this record and I’ve just seen music through so many different things from before I was in a band that was out in the world and people knew who I was and [who] the band was, even at the young age of 6 years old, 10 years old, I watched how music could take a bad situation and make it great. Or it can take a moment when you’re unbelievably just engulfed by sadness and there’s a song that comes out of nowhere or you can put a song on and it just changes your mood instantaneously.”

I saw thousands of fellow Shinedown fans when they were at the Socorro Entertainment Center recently, how many uber-fans are there out there? Let me know if you're one and you just may get a cool surprise from me!