If you're looking for some family friendly, weekend entertainment ... and don't want to burn too much gas ... consider this.

The National Border Patrol Museum, on Trans Mountain in Northeast El Paso, has one big claim to fame. It's the ONLY Border Patrol Museum in the United States of America. The Border plays a huge role around here and in other border states, north and south. The things that happen on and around it often affect the US as a whole and many museums and monuments tell of its history and often turbulent past.

As far as the story of the men and women who patrol it, you can find plenty of books and videos out there. Several movies have been made based on the lives of these officers including The Border which was filmed here in El Paso in the early 80's.

There is only one actual museum dedicated to the Border Patrol though and we have it There you can learn the fascinating story about the formation of the Border Patrol and the ways they have adapted to changing times, circumstances and technology. From foot patrols and horseback, to dirt bikes and ATV's, to planes, helicopters, drones and satellites.

Their history has moved hand in hand with the development of the country itself along with the advancements in technology and equipment. Yet, despite a zillion dollars worth of special equipment and years of accrued tactical knowledge, they still often rely on the most basic things. Foot patrols and horses.

From simple people trying to find a better life to organized human and drug trafficking and terrorist operations, Border Patrol agents have to be ready to deal with anything and everything all the time. In what can be an incredibly harsh working environment.

As times and technology advance for the Border Patrol, the same can be said for many of their adversaries; creating an endless game of cat and mouse which puts the very lives of EVERYONE involved ... on all sides ... at risk daily.

Admission to the museum is free so stop by and learn more about what goes on right here in our own backyard.


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