As Buzz gears up to do his performance of "The Eyes Of Texas"... it got me thinking about college fight songs. In the era of WOKE (...can't believe I just said that...) - colleges, professional teams, and even high schools have taken the charge in changing controversial fight songs.

Changed or are the most ICONIC collegiate fight songs according to reddit. Scroll to the end and you can see a preview of Buzz practicing his skills. FIGHT ON!

Notre Dame's. When you hear that song, you automatically think of college football. Michigan's, as iconic as it is, just isn't the same...

1. ND

2. Michigan

3. USC

4. Ohio State

-thepatriotdude (Maryland)

Funny story... after nearly a CENTURY... Notre Dame changed its fight song to be more gender-inclusive. Beginning in the 2022 football season, the Fighting Irish fight song will include the schools "daughters" as well as their sons.

Georgia Tech's is the best (even though Colorado School of Mines' version came first!)

-ThePelvicWoo (Colorado)

Everytime I watched an episode of All or Nothing featuring Michigan I would have Hail to the Victors stuck in my head the rest of the day. So, I will give them the nod.

-2400hoops (Kansas)

The University of Michigan Wolverines and their fight song, "The Victors," is one of the most popular choices along with Ohio State and USC.

I have great respect for USC and Notre Dame's fight songs but it has to be Michigan. Ask any college football fan to sing USC or Notre Dame's fight song and they might know the tune but chances are that they won't know the lyrics. Ask any college football fan to sing Michigan's fight song and I guarantee you that they'll know the tune and most of the lyrics. That, my friends, is the definition of iconic. (sidenote: USC's fight song is the danananananana-na-na-na dananananana na-na-na nanaaaaa song, right?)

-Talpostal (Michgan/Washington)

Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Ohio State

-the_chandler (West Virginia)

I think it's gotta be Boomer Sooner. Everyone has probably heard OU, ND, and UM's songs, but I bet very few casual fans would recognize ND and UM from the music alone. I think Boomer Sooner is the most recognizable.

-unknown (but probably Buzz)


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