Sad But True ... this is the end, my friends.

Metallica have been doing their Metallica Monday concert series for quite a while now.  They started releasing previously unseen concert 23 weeks ago as a way to help keep us all entertained during our "lockdown" and it's been a journey across time to pretty much every phase of their career with some videos featuring Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted.

All good things must come to an end though and this week's show, filmed in Mexico City in 2017, will be the last of the series. To date, Metallica and their fans have raised over $100K for the foundation which has used the money for scholarships and to assist organizations like Feeding America, Direct Relief, Crew Nation, (which helps displaced members of the live entertainment world, like guitar techs, lighting techs, sound crew and others who are dependent on touring but currently sidelined.) and the USBG Foundation which benefits service industry folks who have lost their livelihoods due to the forced closures of restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues. There are other beneficiaries, learn more here.

Last week's concert took us back to the final performance of the "Big 4" tour which featured the Metallica boys along with AnthraxMegadeth and Slayer. Their encore for that show began with an over the top version of "Overkill" by Motorhead performed by members of each of those bands and Exodus as well.

Even though the lockdowns have lifted and we're all slowly getting back to normal, you can still help the All Within My Hands foundation by donating here. Now, grab some cold ones, invite your favorite peeps over and crank up the final Metallica Mondays concert thanks to Darron Powell, Attorney at Law. Specializing in Wills and Probate at 1517 N Campbell St, El Paso, TX 79902. For more info, call (915) 313-0081.

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