It's the second to the last show of the series as we go back to the "Big 4" tour for a show which featured a truly grand finale.

Metallica have been doing their Metallica Monday concert series for quite a while now.  This time around, we're off to "the house that Ruth built" for the first show Metallica ever played in Yankee Stadium. It was also the final show of their "Big 4" tour which featured the Metallica boys along with Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer. Their encore for this starts with an over the top version of "Overkill" by Motorhead, featuring members from all the "Big 4" bands. Following that, Metallica bring it home with frenzied versions of "Battery" and "Seek And Destroy".

Last week's concert took us back to 2004 for a show which took Metallica back to Munich, Germany for the 12th time. Metalica began posting these concerts for free to help us all pass the time while being held hostage by the COVID 19  quarantine.  Even though those restrictions have been lifted in some ways, they've kept 'em coming to entertain their fans and to generate money for various COVID 19 related causes via their All Within My Hands foundation.

We're walking the last mile here though as next weeks' concert will be the final show.

You can donate here. Now, grab some cold ones, invite your favorite peeps over and watch Metallica, as many times as you would like, thanks to Darron Powell, Attorney at Law. Specializing in Wills and Probate at 1517 N Campbell St, El Paso, TX 79902. For more info, call (915) 313-0081.

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