This kissing app can help you get that New Year's kiss from your long distance partner who is hundreds of miles away. Of course, everyone would want the real thing but if you can't have it your next best bet would be using this kissing app.

The Gadget Show introduces you to the new way of kissing your partner who is long distance. Yea, this idea of kissing your partner through a kissing device seems like a crazy stretch but it's worth a try. This Kissing App "Kissenger" delivers your kiss to your partners device to allow you to feel their kiss. People in a long distance relationship knows how hard it is to keep the romance alive. This creation seems creepy to those of you who have your significant other just a few miles away. You will see above how it works and how you can kiss from thousands of kilometers away.

This should be your next purchase if you're in a long distance relationship and order it express before 2018!

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