This cat and the owner have a strong bond because of how the cat reacts after the trick! The man trying to fool his cat totally pulled the trick off when you see how the cat responds!

Strange Incident has the full coverage of the cat from normal to what the f**k just happened? Normally most cats mind their own business and ignore the owner but not this cat. The cat owners felt as if they broke their own cat after the fluff challenge. If I were a cat, I'm pretty sure I would react the same exact way because I wouldn't want to become a stray cat! The big fur ball was processing what it just witnessed and was in shock for about two minutes. Even the stance on the cat is proof enough it was scared wondering what happened. The kitty cat just stared in the direction of where their owner disappeared out of nowhere. Thursday calls for a famous trick known as the fluff challenge people have been pulling on their pets.

I just hope after the fluff challenge these people decided to pull earned the cat infinity treats!


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