As a crazy cat lady, I wish I could take my cats everywhere with me.

To the office? Of course.

To the beach? A dream come true.

To Disneyland? Hell yeah, and we would have matching Princess Jasmine costumes.

Sadly, I can't do this but there are a few people who have trained their cats to go on adventures with them.

There are cats who go hiking, ride motorcycles, and just do crazy things.

Sadly, one local cat decided to try on their sea legs.

It was NOT a good idea.

As you can see in the TikTok below, this cat isn't cool with this adventure.

@_saaanders #elephantbutte #elephantbuttelake #elpaso #elpasotx #catsoftiktok #castaways @jesoli9 @rgar464 ♬ Castaways - The Backyardigans

Cats are notorious for hiding in places they shouldn't be. Like boats.

Sometimes they just need a dark, quiet place to chill out and check their cat rage and sometimes a secluded boat is the best place for that.

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Unfortunately, the cat didn't know about the big plans to head to Elephant Butte. The owners could have given him a heads up. At least they could have checked the boat for stowaways before taking off and setting sail.

In the video, it seems like the cat handled the new adventure pretty well, thanks to what most likely would be the owner of the cat holding her through the boat ride. I would really hope the cat owner was a responsible pet owner and invested in a cat life-saving jacket.

You never know when an angry cat will decide to swim.

If you catch your cat on an adventure in El Paso, feel free to send it to us on the free 93.1 KISSFM app.

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