Friday, October 29th is National Cat Day which is the purrrrrfeect opportunity for the Buzz Adams Morning Show Crew to show off the friendly felines that make up their furry families.

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Unfortunately, Buzz and Nico are not privileged enough to know the joys that come with having a mini lion living with you (they'll get their say on National Dog Day), BUT as always our producer Joanna Barba was there to save the day with pictures of her cat family, aka her, "children." AND we learn that Lisa Sanchez, famous for her shows of dog love, reveals she actually had a cat growing up too!



Joanna talks about Penny A LOT! And why wouldn't she? Look at this adorable face that is PEFECTLY half light and half dark! The best of both worlds!


Junior is the apple of Joanna's eye. He's regal, cute, and a beautiful ginger. Don't worry folks, this one definitely has a soul. A cute soul!


Pixie obviously has the most style that she is CONSTANTLY flaunting! See Pixie strut her stuff next year on a Milan cat-walk... eh.. eh...get it?


Pirate is the one who can just look at you and see into your soul. See this face? Could you resist it?


And the final member of Joanna's brood is Cookie! Standing regal and with the thickest fur coat! Nico could use some of that nice fluffy hair.


Normally known for her love of dogs, Lisa was nice enough to look up an old picture of the ONE cat she had when she was younger. Look how adorbs this cat is! I'm not sure if she's yawing or screaming. But... I've definitely seen Lisa with this look at 6 am in the morning. Genetic? You decide.

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