Taco Bell opened its doors for the first time in 1962 in Downey, CA. Glen Bell introduced the world to Taco Bell and the rest is history.

As Taco Bells extended, the very first one came to Texas in 1967. That first Taco Bell was actually in El Paso! That's right, the first Taco Bell in Texas was in El Paso, on Montana Avenue near Geronimo Drive. Check out what it looked like then:

It looks familiar, right? That's because that building is still standing today!

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Today, that building is a restaurant called "Mr. C El Rincon Mexicano". The building still looks kind of the same, minus the bell at the top. I fondly remember when that building was a place called "Daquiri Express" it was awesome.

I somehow remember that building being a Taco Bell, pretty sure it was still a Taco Bell in the 90s. Taco Bell's in the 90s were kind of elite, if I do say so myself. They introduced that Chihuahua and it was a cultural revolution. Let's all admit that, somehow, Taco Bell was way better when it looked like this:

Yea, it was definitely a vibe.

Sometimes I get hella nostalgic for the 90s- like, remember Pizza Hut in the 90s- that was an entire experience!

Apparently, if you're feeling nostalgic for Taco Bell in the 90s, there's one in Fort Worth that is a complete time warp!

Look at that color scheme!

Taco Bell now looks like a sad adult who works a corporate job, so it's kind of like Taco Bell grew up with all of us.


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