Had trouble ordering your Taco Bell favorites recently? You better sit down, because the news isn't good....

It's safe to say people love Taco Bell. An entire pop-up hotel in Palm Springs dedicated to the Mexican fast food joint sold out in only 2 minutes! If you're a diehard fan of Taco Bell, this news may be quite upsetting for you.

There have been ingredient shortages and distribution issues but several businesses due to the pandemic, and it looks like America's favorite Mexican fast-food chain is suffering as well.

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When visiting the Taco Bell website, there is a disclaimer at the top of the page that explains:

"Sorry if we can't feed your current crave. Due to national ingredient shortages and delivery delays, we may be out of some items."

Don't believe me? Head over to Twitter, where Taco Bell fans are voicing their frustrations with the lack of some of their favorite items and even basic ingredients. Users are posting about their local Taco Bells being out of everything from sour cream, chicken, beef, tomatoes, and more. On top of that, Taco Bell staples like the hot sauce packets and Baja Blast having also been reported to be in low supply. Depending on where you're located, the items out of stock can vary.

If you think this is an issue for Taco Bell only, sadly it's not. Other fast-food chains are dealing with the same low supply of ingredients and have had to inform customers that they could be low or out of stock of some items for some time.

Last week Popeyes announced they had been stockpiling chicken for their new chicken nuggets they will be launching later this month. Popeyes had been hoarding chicken for six months to make sure they were prepared with enough chicken for the rollout, per the New York Post.


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