Do you remember when Pizza Hut was an actual restaurant? It feels like forever ago, and while, yes, Pizza Hut does have some seating, I'm talking about the actual experience of eating inside a Pizza Hut. Imagine this; it's Friday night and your family decides to go out to eat. You get to the Pizza Hut and it looks like an actual hut. You go in, sit down at an actual table order some Pepsi and get it in one of those red plastic cups. Then, while you waited for your pizza, you got to play some Pac-Man maybe some Galaga? When your pizza finally arrived to your table, it came in a skillet.

Because Pizza Hut is split into different restaurant formats, it's not unusual that you'd see at least one signature dine-in style and some "Pizza Hut Express" where only delivery and carry-out options are available. I can't remember the last time I actually sat in a Pizza Hut, but I do know that there is still one in my town. None though, compare to eating in the signature red roof restaurant.

I know I'm not alone on this, because over on Twitter, #PizzaHut was trending. My initial thought was "oh, no, what did they do? Are we going to have to cancel Pizza Hut?" But to my surprise, it was all good things. It was mainly 90's kids (like myself) who were feeling nostalgic for the Pizza Hut experience. Many shared how they remember being in sports teams, and, win or lose, it always ended at a Pizza Hut. Others, remember the "Book It' program, where students were rewarded for reading. Here are just some of the other memories Twitter users remember:

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