Sometimes Westsiders will take a cruise to the Eastside for the best gas prices. It is rare to see Westside gas stations with low gasoline prices. People who drive gas guzzlers every day always have to find the cheapest gasoline price in town. A lot of people use the friendly Gas Buddy to locate the cheapest prices. I believe the one place to find cheap gas on the Westside would be at Sam's. But if you're like me who likes to save some change filling up your gas guzzler there are a few places East. My gas guzzler was built for offroading and uses gas like it is going out of style. So normally I always try and find the cheapest gas prices around town

The majority of the time you check Gas Buddy you mostly see Eastside street names instead of Westside ones. Right now the cheapest gas that ranks at the top spot is Speedway at 12290 Eastlake Blvd and Rojas Dr. That Speedway has their gas price at $1.71 which is the cheapest compared to a lot of other places. The next cheapest price of gasoline is $1.78 at Murphy Express and Murphy USA also located on the Eastside. The next cheapest is $1.79 which you will find a lot more gas stations with that price in Central and East. You will see a tweet above from one El Pasoan who shared where you can also get cheap gas. But you will also see $1.79 gas prices in Central at Sam's and Costco. Have you noticed that the Eastside is always the part of town with the lowest gas prices in town? Let me know if you would like to see cheaper gas prices on the Westside or if you don't mind the cruise below.

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