There are some people who are penny pinchers and try to find the cheapest gas in town. Now normally, you cannot find anything cheaper than Costco or Sams Club gasoline.

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People who do not have a membership to Costco or Sams Club usually use fuel-friendly apps to help save you some or earn you money. But everyone in El Paso should know the cheapest gas rulers are either Costco or Sams Club.

Now there are some people who use their vehicle a lot that do not mind waiting in a really long line for a long time. But if you have ever waited in a long line at Costco or Sams Club you know the struggle.

Some days in line at Sams Club it can go by at a decent pace while other days it can be long and dreadful. But even the days you think going early will help sometimes it still results in the same long wait.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

But some El Paso drivers who drive pretty often are the ones that usually go to where the cheapest gas is in El Paso. Now the question I have for El Paso drivers is if the cheap gas is worth the long wait.

Now usually I have been getting my gas at Circle K and usually, the Eastside has the cheapest prices. I am curious about who is willing to put up with the long wait at the gas pumps at Costco and Sams Club. Share your two cents on whether you prefer to wait in long lines for cheap gas in the poll below.

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