This is a crazy time we're living in folks! In the same week we got a stay home order and an earthquake. That's right, an earthquake in the Sun City. Now, while I won't say that this is the apolcalypse, but, El Paso Twitter users most definitely will.

Many Twitter users from the Sun City have been taking to social media, basically because that's the only way we can socialize now, and letting out their quarantine frustrations. Then the earthquake hit, which I didn't feel, and the internet went crazy. If this is the apocalypse at least the memes and Tweets are lit, y'all.

Check out what all your fellow El Pasoan's are saying about our time under the stay home order and the earthquake!

We all knew we had to prepare for this stay home order, and this Twitter user decided to wish us all luck, not knowing it was going to get crazier.

Then it seemed like not everyone was taking it seriously.

As someone who lives in the northeast, I have the same feelings!

We all may come out of this quarantine looking different

I don't know who needs to see this...

Then... the earthquake happened!


I think asking "what's going on?!" is a legit question!

But, no matter how crazy it gets, DO NOT TEXT YOUR EX! Or go deep in to those DM's! 

Maybe it was a sign to stay inside!


Then there were some that didn't even feel it

It's a wild time for sure, but let's just imagine how great it's going to be when all this is over.


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