Well, the good news is that El Paso survived an earthquake this morning. While some people felt it, others didn't feel the shake this morning. I was sitting at my desk working on the computer when I felt my chair shaking me. Not only that I heard things in the office moving around as well. I stopped what I was doing and sat in confusion wondering if what I felt was just in my head. I felt and heard the movement a little after 9:15 am and was curious if anyone else did.

I asked our engineer if he felt the shake but he said he didn't feel a thing. After asking him I started to worry thinking maybe it was a paranormal situation I felt. I considered paranormal just because earthquakes are NOT common in El Paso. Then about ten minutes later a friend texts me asking if I was okay and if I had felt the shake. I felt so happy to know that I wasn't the only one who felt it. I am on the Westside of town and my friend lives in Horizon.

Turns out the 5.0 earthquake happened near Mentone, Texas which is a few hours away from us. Not only did some El Pasoans feel the quake, Juarez and Las Cruces felt it too. The United States Geological Survey reported El Paso experienced a 3.8 earthquake earlier this morning. One thing for sure is it feels good to know that you're not going bonkers as you had thought you were earlier.

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