This weekend I’m going to binge on Mexican candy since one of my friends is having a birthday party. The moment that piñata breaks open and all the candy flys out, is the the exact time my mouth will start to water.  Here at the candies I will push kids out of the way for.

I love nuts! De la Rosa Mazapan are the perfect fix for when I’m craving sweet nuts in my mouth. The smell is almost like peanut butter cookie dough. It’s a great mix of sugars and protein.

There’s no better feeling in the world then to be able to suck off the yummy stuff off the head of a “pelon” (bald head) candy. Its one of my favorite push up Mexican candies. It’s a soft candy that comes in a plastic dispenser. The delicious soft, dark brown, fruity gel candy is pushed out of the head and turn into straws. Pelon Pelo Rico comes in all different sizes and flavors.

According to Duvalin comes in at #19 as one of the best candies from around the world. This candy has two of my favorite flxvors. Strawberry and vanilla. I used to always try and be fancy when eating it with the tiny plastic spoon/stick.

My ex told me one time, “Why does Mexican candy have chile on it? Chile should be left for chips.” Tamarindo can be found in drinks, sauces or used in candy. Pulparindo is the brand that I like the most since its sweet like candy, salty like nuts, and spicy like my men.