This After Buzz is being considered the best one ever. We have guests Nico and Bianca in studio, with the competition to find out who the ultimate Beatles fan is between Buzz and Glenn Garza. Of course, it didn't go as planned.

Earlier in the week I decided to test out some of the Trivial Pursuit questions we had. Both Glenn and Buzz decided that those questions were too obscure and difficult. So I found an easier quiz. Now, I have to say, I'm not a huge Beatles fan. I know a little bit about the band, but not a lot.

Well, fast forward to the actually trivia challenge, and a few questions in, Buzz starts to complain that these questions are too easy. Okay, you're going to get the difficult ones then. So of course, he complains about that.

In case you're wondering why Buzz always has to complain about trivia questions. Well, it's rather simple. That way he can always protest the outcome. He likes to talk about how smart he is because he knows a lot of random facts. Get him to do something that takes actual intelligence? Chances are he'll fail miserably. But those random facts, he'll brag about all the damn time. So when it comes to a trivia contest, he has to have an out if he loses.

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