You know Gabriel Iglesias loves the food in El Paso when he shares a memory on National Food Day in 2020 involving Chico's Tacos.

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias must have been craving El Paso's juiciest rolled taquitos for him to look back at an El Paso memory. He even invited others to an inside look about a long-time El Paso tradition.

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Last year, Iglesias shared his story about El Paso's famous Chico's Tacos on National Food Day in 2020. If you're a foodie and have a love-hate relationship with Chico's Tacos, then you share something in common with the comedian. He shared what some consider a little TMI but know exactly damn well what he is talking about.

So, on October 24, 2020, aka National Food Day, the juicy taquitos from El Paso, Texas ran through Gabriel Iglesias's mind.

As they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, which seems legit. We know Fluffy has a lot of love for El Paso and has shown it in every way.

It's a great feeling knowing Chico's Tacos has been a huge help for putting El Paso, Texas on the map. Chico's Tacos continues to blow up in the gossip world thanks to people like Gabriel Iglesias.

He pulled off the most hilarious skit that some El Pasoans can relate to after eating the food.

No matter the reputation, this joke doesn't tarnish the worth of the tacos for some people. I trip out how people from California have actually driven down to El Paso just for Chico's Tacos.

In fact, a California man had to see for himself and all because of Iglesias.

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