Get ready, Texas, because you're about to see some changes at Walmart!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Canva
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Canva

We have already begun to see a lot of changes at Walmart's- and it doesn't look like they are stopping anytime soon. Changes are good, especially considering that Walmart saw a lot of closures last year!

Walmart closed more than 20 stores across the country in 2023.
While Texas only saw one Walmart close down in the entire state; it still is alarming that many stores closed down in the span of one year. The retail giant didn't give any further details as to why these stores were subject of closure beyond the stores underperforming, but I do think that change is needed at Walmart's.

Here are nine changes you can expect to see within a year at Walmart's across Texas!

Texas Walmarts Are Getting a Major Makeover: 9 Changes to Look Out For

From high-tech to high-style, here are some changes you can expect to see at Walmart's across Texas.

I know many people who would definitely be happy to see those self-checkouts gone!  You've probably already begun to see some of these upgrades at your local Walmart. But will these changes help Walmart with their profit losses? They certainly think so!

Profit losses, theft, controversy and other factors are causing many Walmart's to close down. Most of them are closing down in order to cater better to their online shoppers; Best Buy has already done away with all their physical media (RIP) like DVD's & Blu-Ray's.

Walmart does look like it's perfecting its experiences catered to their online-shoppers; with updated app features, and updated delivery services- it makes you wonder if you'll ever have to step foot inside an actual Walmart in the future.

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