If given the opportunity to live in a multimillion-dollar home in New Mexico for a year -- or heck, even just a couple of days -- I'd be packing my bags and settling in.

Take the most expensive home for sale in New Mexico for example. It'd be the perfect place to enjoy a temporary stay in a luxury home. The $19.5 million home boasts 14 beds and 25 baths. That'd be more than enough space to bring friends along with you on your hypothetical stay -- or you could keep it all to yourself.

This home has some pretty cool aspects

While this home in Santa Fe, New Mexico is huge, that isn't the only quality that gives it an equally big price tag. This residence is secluded on a hilltop with amazing mountain views and has not just one place of residence, but four!

Timothy C. Van Camp via Zillow

And if you don't know where to begin with decorating all that space, don't worry, it comes furnished! If I do say so myself, the furnishing in the listing photos is gorgeous and pristine.

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If that's not enough, the home also has spa facilities, a gym, plenty of areas for entertaining, multiple kitchens, a heated swimming pool, and more. Honestly, if you didn't want to, you'd probably never need to leave this home!

My favorite part of this property is the landscaping and gardens. There is everything from flowers, berry bushes, fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables grown on the property. As someone who loves plants and fresh produce, this would be a selling point for me -- if I had the money.

Let's Take a Look inside

If all those great amenities in the home don't impress you, take a look through the photos. They're sure to leave you in awe of the beautiful home and views -- they did me.

Note: another home may get put on the market more expensive than this one, but at the time of writing, this one had the largest price tag.

Most Expensive Home in New Mexico

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