A scary map shows the best and worst states to try and survive a nuclear attack in and Texas is pretty much middle ground.

There isn't really a "good" place to be in the event somebody pushes the button but the odds of living after impact change across the USA. Texas is kinda in the middle but El Pasoans probably don't need to worry much about life after the bomb drops ... seems we're going to take a big hit.

If you clicked that link, you know where the Borderland stands if a nuclear strike happens. Not good news but, overall, Texas has decent odds of "after blast" survival. Our southwest neighbors New Mexico, Arizona and California rank about the same while Nevada is better off ... I guess the aliens at Area 51 have something planned.

Texas has a lot going for it in terms of food, power, medical care, weapons, etc. Climate-wise, most of the state's pretty mild and the coldest parts are still survivable if the power goes out. We're not talking Antarctica here but I'd avoid Forth Worth. 

What Is The Least Survivable State?

The worst state is Hawaii, mostly because of where it is. It'll be tough to resupply them once they run out of their own food, medicine, fuel, etc and they'll be hard pressed on defense once their ammo runs out.

They also have a couple of pretty serious volcanoes, who knows what the nukes may spark out of them?

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What Is The Best State To Be In?

The best state to be in if the worst happens is, surprisingly, one of the coldest ones. Vermont takes the #1 spot with a score of 72.35 out of 100. According to the map:

Vermont takes the top spot with a score of 72.35 out of a possible 100 points. The state was number one in the United States for food availability, which is a huge factor in survival. The state ranked second for both weapons and security and supplies and survival resources, bolstering its credentials as a survival hotspot. - irishstar.com

Now you know ...

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