We’re less than a week until the Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival and I figured for anyone wanting to get a tattoo, better get you acquainted with the artists coming into town to make your pieces come alive! So here is one of the artists, coming in all the way from the golden state of California! So get to know Alisa King!

Alisa King is a graphic designer, turned artist in more ways than one. I heard about this lady from my friends back in Palm Springs, CA and she comes HIGHLY recommended which is why she's doing mine. Texas Showdown Festival is next weekend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the El Paso County Coliseum.
1. When did you first start tattooing?
In 2006, I was offered an apprenticeship. I was a full time graphic designer, left my job and gave this a go!

2. Where did you start tattooing and where has that journey taken you? (what shops,
cities, areas, etc)
I started at Unlimited Tattoo, Azusa CA. This is where I did my apprenticeship. From there I moved to Serious Ink Tattoo, Arcadia CA. My first real shop working on my own, it was home for me. Left LA and headed out to the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs) for a few years. It was HOT out there! But, home is where the heart is, so I came back to LA. worked a few years at In The Skin, Pasadena CA. And when I was ready to settle down and set up camp I went right back home to Serious Ink Tattoo, where I am now. Couldn't be happier!

3. Has any of those places inspired you or the things you enjoy drawing?
Definitely my environment inspires my art work. I love LA, I think that comes across pretty clearly in all my art work.

4. Have any of the artists you have work with in the past inspired you or helped you
become a better artist?
YES! Every single artist I've worked next to has helped me in some way shape or form at becoming a better artist. I've learned almost everything I know from fine line black n grey artists, since those were the shops I was coming from.  So, I took those skills and applied my art background. To this day I try to learn as much as I can to improve my skills. I’m always grateful to meet other artists, you never know the opportunity that may be waiting for you.

5. I saw that you also do your own original art pieces as well. What do you enjoy doing more, tattooing or drawing art? Or are they so similar they blend together seamlessly?
I get asked this question a lot! I love tattooing and painting equally, I couldn't do one with out the other.
Since I was an artist before I was a tattoo artist I think I've applied my art skills to my tattooing creating my style.

6. Do you have a lot of appointments already for the Texas Tattoo Showdown?
I do have a handful of appointments already, im super excited for my first trip to TX. And being welcomed with such open arms is an awesome feeling :)

7. What availability do you still have?
I’m a bit of a workaholic so I WILL MAKE TIME! I’m never one to turn someone away.

8. What is around the average cost for your artwork on someones body?
Roughly my projects start about $300 and go up from there. Of course it depends what were doing.

9. Are there any other artists you recommend at the festival?
EVERY SINGLE ONE! There is so much talent behind this festival. My biggest recommendation is look at artists' portfolios and find an artists who specializes in what your looking for. Yes, we all have something we love to do!

10. What would you say is your best quality for your artwork? (portraits, flowers,
animals, writing, etc)

11. What is your favorite type of tattoo to do?
Realistic floral work.

12. Do you enjoy using colors or black and white art more?
Pretty much only do color work, it’s what I love!

13. What is the best way for a interested customer to reach you?
Email, alisa.king.81@gmail.com, Facebook, or website.


Check out Alisa's Facebook Page or go directly to her website.