Well, we all heard the latest and stunning news for Texas and Mississippi dropping the mask mandate. Some people were stunned by the announcement that was reported on CBS News above. There are people who don't believe in wearing masks and are entitled to their own beliefs. When Wednesday, March 10, rolls around we'll be able to see who are mask believers and who aren't.

All we can hope after March 10 would be Covid-19 cases staying low and hopefully vaccinate as many people as possible. There are some people who are excited about the Covid-19 restrictions dropping completely while others are worried. Hell, even when we had restrictions we all saw hell still breaking loose through FitFam and other sources.

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Can you just imagine when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted completely? All I know is I definitely will still keep to my usual routine which is only home and work everyday with occasional curbside pick-ups. I am actually surprised to see more reactions about El Pasoans not agreeing about the lift on social media.

There are families who currently have relatives battling Covid-19 in the hospital and aren't happy. It's understanding because masks, social distancing, and keeping a certain capacity inside a business help avoid the spread. One thing that's for sure is I will continue to wear my mask happily in order to protect my family and co-workers.

Covid-19 has taken lives from the healthiest of people to those with underlying health conditions. Now, here is the million-dollar question for you, when Wednesday, March 10 comes, will you continue to mask YOUR face or embrace no mask? Share your two cents by placing your vote in the poll below.

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