Early voting for the Texas Midterm elections has officially started.

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Up for elections are the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller, land commissioner and agriculture commissioner — who all serve four-year terms. Members of the state’s Railroad Commission, which serve six year terms, and  U.S. representatives, state senators, state representatives and members of the State Board of Education are also up for election.

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If it all seems a bit overwhelming, you can check out this full guide of what each person in office does- which helps a lot because every year someone explains to me what the Railroad commissioner does and somehow I still don't get- but this guide is handy.

If you're a voter who is for the legalization of cannabis in the State of Texas, well I am here to help. Well, actually, this guy is here to help. Let this video be a little guide as to what some of the candidates thoughts are on the legalization of cannabis.

If you believe that cannabis should be legalized in Texas, well now is the time to act- you don't have to completely follow the candidates this guy mentioned; it's still a good idea to look through each candidate to choose the platform that best suits you.

But I do believe it's important to vote- so if you're in Texas- and in El Paso, early voting runs through November 4. If you're voting early- you can vote at any of these polling stations. Election day is November 8- to find your polling station click here.

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