Remember the Dad who killed a guy he caught sexually attacking his 5 year old daughter?

I posted about it back when it first happened with the question; "Should he be charged"?  Across the board it seemed everyone here in the Borderland agreed they (we) would most likely not charge him with a crime at all.  Seemed certain that noone would vote "guilty" if charges were filed.

For a moment it seemed that the man I called "Padre" in my first blog might face charges.

I'm happy to let you know that won't be happening!! 

Philip Hilder, a Houston criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor, said he would have been surprised if the grand jury had decided to indict the father. Hilder said Texas law provides several justifications for the use of deadly force, including if someone commits a sexual assault.

"The grand jury was not about to indict this father for protecting his daughter," he said.

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Congratulations "Padre".  Hopefully you and your daughter can put this behind you and move forward now.  With no more trouble for you and nothing but a blurry (and soon to be forgotten!!) memory for your daughter.