A Nevada woman was sexually groped a couple of years back in a Nevada court house by a court officer and then arrested for telling the Judge.  (Well, for telling the judges back anyway.)  Then ... apparently ... nothing ever really happened!

The lady, Monica Contreras, had completed her business and was leaving when she was ordered into a separate room for a still unexplained drug search.  During the search, a male officer touched her butt and breasts, then ordered her to lift her shirt.

She asked that a female deputy handle the rest of the search and was refused. When she steps back into the courtroom to complain, the judge ("hearing master", whatever) IGNORES HER COMPLETELY!!  All while the officer is attempting to arrest her for telling her story.

Photo by Joshua Gates Weisberg-Pool/Getty Images

"Mighty-Cop" finally tells Contreras that if she steps to the mic and formally recants, she'll be released.  She agrees, but then tells the judge (again) anyway what happened and gets busted.

The news crew that investigated this case could find no law supporting an arrest on the grounds of "making accusations against a police officer".  (Read more.)


Having trouble deciding who to believe here?  Watch the video ....... (Some parts may be hard for some to watch ... especially when the 2 year old begs the cop not to take her Mommy away.)

This is a stupid question, but what do you guys think?

(An investigation is ongoing and the officer has, apparently, been fired.  Bear in mind, many others have made similar allegations about this particular court.)

Is firing this nimrod enough?  

Should every person involved in this court be fired?  

Arrested themselves?

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