A man in East Texas has saved the Texas state justice system a lot of money!

Somewhere near Shiner Texas a man heard his 4 year old daughter crying for help.  He ran to help her and found her being sexually attacked by a man he had hired to do some work on his farm.

He beat the ever loving s**t out of the guy.  Personally I think he should have killed him.  (Apparently karma agrees because the bastard died as a result of all the head trauma.)

Read more here from elpasotimes.com   

Speaking as a man AND as a Father, I have no problem at all standing up for the Father in this story.  (We'll call him "Padre".)  It's a drag s***thead had to die; but Fathers Day isn't going to be a sad day for "Padre" this year.  Or a day of mourning.

I can already sense a few of you out there thinking "Awwww. The bad guy may have had a daughter to."  If he did ... judging by this story ... Padre probably saved her from a terrible fate also. 

No charges have yet been filed against him.  I kind of doubt they will be and if they are, I have a feeling he'll walk!  If this happened here in the El Paso/Las Cruces area, I'm almost certain he'd be allowed to go free.  Nobody messes with mija. 

I certainly wouldn't vote for charges or a conviction.

I'll end this with a quote from a song by Twisted Sister and a question.

"Now before you shake your head,

think if it was your child instead."  

Ok, Borderland; what do you guys think?  Should the Father face charges and/or jail time over this??