Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt has been relieved of duty and his hopes to make General possibly crushed.

An investigation into the leadership and chain of command at Fort Hood following the death of Spc. Vanessa Guillen and at least one other violent death along with several other issues has caused the base commander to be removed from his position there.

He has also been denied a leadership position here at Fort Bliss with the 1st AD, a unit recently ordered to Louisiana to help with Hurricane Laura relief efforts.

Many issues have happened at Fort Hood, which has caused the media and public to question the leadership there.

According to NBC, Fort Hood has been "plagued by a series of incidents" including:

This has sparked an investigation that will include a look at the "command and culture" at Fort Hood where, according to one report, 1/3 of the women reported being sexually harassed.

Based on the wording of the NBC article, "command of a division" is a very vital step in the path to becoming a full-on General and this loss of said command could end Maj. Gen. Efflandt's bid for that rank if it doesn't end his career completely.

I'm no military expert but, Fort Hood certainly does appear to be "troubled" and when significant and widespread issues become commonplace, it makes sense to start an investigation with the leaders. Hopefully, this will bring not only answers and justice but also some closure to the families of the dead soldiers.

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