There are some people who will jet out of El Paso to shop at stores you can't find here. I am sure you know someone who travels to Arizona to do some shopping at Ikea. People in El Paso wish we could have some of our favorite places without taking a road trip.

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Just how pictures of In-N-Out or Cheesecake Factory banners start circulating around social media around April Fools' Day. We all wish we could at least get one of those along with a couple of other places.

Now a popular Facebook page Texas Humor tends to sometimes make jabs at El Paso. This isn't the first time around that they mention El Paso on Facebook posts though.

One time there was a meme shared that had poked fun about an 8-hour long boring drive while making a trip to and from El Paso.

Usually, an El Pasoan's last stop before dipping out of Austin or San Antonio is to hit up an H-E-B or Buc-ee's. Some of us like to grab some last-minute items that we won't find in El Paso from H-E-B or Buc-ee's.

Texas Humor sure does like to sometimes rub that we don't have an H-E-B or Buc-ee's in El Paso's face from time to time. But El Paso wasn't the only one part of the joke, Dallas, Texas was also thrown into the H-E-B and Buc-ee's jab as well. But one thing for sure is that it feels nice to be included and not forgotten about when Texas Humor's Facebook page includes El Paso in posts.

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