When any kind of holiday or day of celebration rolls around TxDOT sure does make drivers feel special. The Texas Department of Transportation always comes up with the funniest or clever messages for drivers. If you're like me and pay attention to the TxDOT signs on special days like today, be sure to read the next one you come across.

Every holiday TxDOT somehow ties in whatever special day it is with driving responsibly. It's nice to come across some humor on the TxDot signs while you're driving on the road. Just like a couple of years ago in 2019 TxDOT's clever message touched some people's hearts.

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It was Valentine's Day when they shared "All you need is love... and a seatbelt" in other words if you love yourself, protect yourself. There have been all sorts of different messages TxDot reminds us about keeping our commute safe. Today being St. Patrick's Day which focuses on the patron saint of Ireland St. Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland.

On this day we all know as wear your green, drink green beer, and hopefully be full of luck type of day. But TxDOT knows some people can take a day like today out of hand by celebrating too hard. The Texas Department of Transportation knows some people tend to drink over the green beer limit.

Hence, why their special message is for anyone who is planning to celebrate today to do be responsible about it. So if you're going to partake in St. Patty's festivities out and about to remember be safe and drive smart. You can see the full message above that TxDOT El Paso shared on their Twitter page.

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