Everything is bigger in Texas ... including our eclipse views and parties.

New Mexico is the state with the best seats for the annular eclipse, aka "ring of fire", in October.

When it comes to the TOTAL solar eclipse in April, 2024, you're going to want to be ... literally and figuratively ... "deep in the heart of Texas".

One area of Texas is planning an entire, weekend long event around the eclipse to really make it a super memorable experience.

The Texas Eclipse Festival happens April 5th - 9th at Reveille Peak Ranch.

On top of the eclipse itself, there will be tons of activities like horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, live music and more.

Other, special events will be aimed at space and technology and there will be plenty of food and drinks available.

Photo, Texas Eclipse 2024/YouTube
Photo, Texas Eclipse 2024/YouTube

Organizers are hoping for a festival kind of feel for the event which will happen in conjunction with other "eclipse parties" around the world.

With the global audience, we really wanted to create an opportunity for people to come in, settle on site, find their place, explore the venue and really be relaxed and ready for that event. It’s actually happening on a Monday around 1:30 in the afternoon, so we’re welcoming people in to begin camping on that Friday before. There will be programming, music, art and a lot of different activations and installations throughout the weekend. - texasstandard

You can see a map showing the path the eclipse will take across Texas here.

Photo, Texas Eclipse 2024/YouTube
Photo, Texas Eclipse 2024/YouTube

Texas Standard says that solar eclipses happen every 18 months or so but can only be viewed from the same spot on Earth every 375 years.

If you want to see one from these areas of the lone star state, better start planning your trip now.

For ticket info, click here.

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