A full solar eclipse is coming in April and Texas is one of the best states to view it from. Here's what El Paso can expect to see.

The solar eclipse is April 8th, 2024, and parts of Central Texas will have "front row seats" for it. One county is expecting so many visitors, they've already declared a state disaster.

Those Central Texas areas are the best places to see the eclipse in totality and spend the most time under the umbra. El Paso isn't the best place to be, but we will get a show.

If you want the best view and maximum umbra exposure time, without leaving Texas, Radar Base, Texas and Hillsboro, Texas seem to be the best options. Keep in mind, these are small towns and amenities may be very limited, especially since they're expecting their local populations to more than double during the eclipse. Plan ahead!

What Can El Paso Expect To See?

Anyway, back to El Chuco ... we're just outside the path of totality so, we won't get 100% solar blackout but we'll still get pretty dark. The website eclipse2024.org says El Paso can expect to get about 90% totality.

Not too shabby. Especially considering we won't have to travel, deal with crowds, or overrun businesses and may even be able to make a buck renting our yards out for viewing parties.

The eclipse in El Paso will be partial (with magnitude 90%), and we've calculated the local circumstances (using the lat/long noted above and ΔT=69.2s), as follows: All eclipse circumstances have been calculated for each city using that city's latitude and longitude as sourced from public records.

Whatever the hell all that means. Reminder --- use proper eye protection when viewing the eclipse. 

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