El Paso should get a pretty good peek at the upcoming eclipse but, while we enjoy it, our pets may be quietly freaking out.

Nature has an affect on all of us, pets included, and when things happen that normally don't, we all react in some way. Animals can sense things that we can't and, when they're nervous or scared, it can mean trouble for them.

For example, I read an article once ... I can't find it now, you'll have to trust me ... that said, right before an earthquake, there was usually a spike in the number of missing and/or runaway pets.

Right before a 6.8 earthquake in Canada, a scientist doing a different animal study noticed this:

On the day before the earthquake, 49 percent of the dogs showed a significant increase in anxiety, and 47 percent were considerably more active. This was a sharp increase from the steady day-to-day averages collected to that point. - akc.org

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The eclipse will have an affect on animals too but, fortunately, it won't be that big of a deal. Your pets will react to things according to how you act so, if you stay cool, they'll stay cool.

They may sense something is different and get a little nervous or maybe a bit more clingy but that should be it. If you're thinking of taking yours out to a viewing party or something, pay lots of attention to them.

They may pick up on the extra excitement and get anxious or scared. To be perfectly honest, you should really just leave them at home, inside. Especially since we won't get 100% totality here in El Paso anyway.

Remember, there's a lunar eclipse right before the solar one. Save the big outing for a hike or a trip to the dog park. Better yet, the dog bar.

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