The solar eclipse in April has been getting all the attention lately, especially in Texas where we'll have a great view of it. There's another celestial event right before it though that Texas and El Paso will also see.

The solar eclipse happens April 8th and Texas is one of the best places to view it from. In fact, so many visitors are expected that one Texas county has already declared itself a disaster area.

El Paso won't be able to see a complete blackout of the sun but we'll see a pretty good amount of it go dark. A few nights before that though, we'll see something else pretty cool.

On April 8th, Mr. Sun will be blocked by Mr. Moon but about 2 weeks before that, the moon will darken a little bit as the Earth blocks him in a penumbral eclipse. This is actually very common ... in fact, every time there is a solar eclipse, it's preceded by a lunar eclipse.

Is There An Eclipse Every Year?

There are at least 2 of each every year; some partial, some complete. It doesn't seem that way because they aren't visible to the entire planet. Sometimes, no one sees them as they can happen over largely uninhabited areas like middle Africa, the ocean or Antarctica.

Will El Paso Be Able To See The Lunar Eclipse In March?

Much like the solar eclipse April 8th, El Paso will get a pretty good look at the lunar eclipse March 25th. Again, it won't be a total eclipse but the mon will appear much dimmer than usual.

When Is The Lunar Eclipse?

Timeline: It should start March 25th, 2024 around 10:53pm, max out about 1:12am and end at approximately 3:32am.

DIY: Eclipse Viewing Without Those Special Glasses

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