During the (partial) eclipse in El Paso, we were supposed to see a difference in some colors, particularly green and red. Did they really change?

A side effect of the eclipse was supposed to be a difference in how colors, especially red and green, looked. Some were supposed to pop a little more due to a variation in the lighting.

It's known as the Purkinje Effect and it has to do with our photopic (day) vision, pigments, angstroms and some other stuff I really don't get. If you care, click here.

So, during the eclipse, certain shades ... like red and orange ... were supposed to lose their luster and appear a little duller. Meanwhile, other shades .. mostly the green ones ... were supposed to brighten up a little.

I realize not everyone could get away from work or school to see if this really made a difference or not so, I did all the work for you. Granted, the photos aren't that interesting.

As far as red and green go, (Dubba G rolls eyes), this is the best I could do. A pinkish barrel, a red taillight and some green bushes ... our building is pretty drab.

I took these about 20 minutes before the eclipse began.

As the eclipse neared totality, I took the same pics again. The black Toyota's shadow looked weird so I snapped a pic. Could have been my imagination though, I don't necessarily always wait 'til 4:20 ...

At its peak, I took another set, including our marquee out front.

Finally, about 20 minutes after the eclipse peaked, I took these.

The verdict? I didn't notice any difference at all. Maybe because we didn't get a total eclipse, the effect was diminished? Or nullified completely? I have no idea ... I just write stuff.

Our engineer was kind enough to point out to me that camera lenses don't capture colors the way our eyes do so taking pics may have been pointless anyway. No matter what, I still didn't really see any difference.  :/

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