Welcome to the black parade on Sesame Street. One Texas baker is sharing what she considers her worst nightmare- but to the rest of us, it's the cake we didn't know we needed in our lives!

Who Made the Emo Elmo Cake?

Brianna Romero of El Paso shared her "worst nightmare" on TikTok where she explains that one simple misunderstanding led to her creating an emo Elmo; you know Elmo, from Sesame Street? If you're wondering who would order an emo Elmo, well, I guess the answer is no one, but I have a feeling that now everyone wants an emo Elmo in their lives!

So, it turns out that the client didn't want an emo cake for their four year old, they actually wanted an Elmo cake to go with the Sesame Street theme!

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Romero was mortified! As she went back to read her texts and realized her mistake, she instantly got back to work trying to figure out how to fix it! She decided to leave the black frosting on the cake and just throw on an Elmo cake topper hoping it would pass. She then shared the text exchange between her and her client.

Emo Elmo TikTok

Romero explained that the emo Elmo with the side bangs was NOT the cake she delivered to her client; that was just a cake she made for fun. She instead gave the client a cake that was more similar to this:

Brinni Cakes via TikTok
Brinni Cakes via TikTok

Romero offered the client the cake for free since it was her mistake, and yes, the client did like the cake. Romero explained that since the order was very last minute, the client still appreciated the effort and enjoyed the cake.

How Brinni Started Baking

Romero, whose grandmother and mother inspired her to start up her small baking business a year and a half ago, used to sell brownies and baked goods when she was in high school as a side hustle. While cakes are some of her best sellers, Romero enjoys making pastries like Danish and cheesecakes- even when she's making them with a broken wrist!

If you're interested in ordering from Romero, you can do so through her Instagram @Brinnicakes.

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