El Paso has their very own cake boss and now she's gone viral on TikTok with over 26,000 followers!

I love when I stumble upon a TikTok with the El Paso hashtag, so when I came across this awesome cake video and saw all the hashtags I was immediately obsessed!


Check out those razor claws!

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Vero Hernandez, who goes by @_nokina_ on TikTok, has gone viral after showing off her cake decorating skills and I, for one, am grateful! Hernandez works for Vista Markets, and while you would think that the cakes are your basic sheet and buttercream cakes, Hernandez has shown that she is a cake boss and can come up with pretty much any design you could think of!

Hernandez has done a wide range of cakes from the ever popular unicorn cakes, to a gummy bear cake and to some pretty creative cakes for mother's day and Cinco de Mayo! This molcajete cake has to be my favorite!

With spooky season officially in full force, Hernandez even has a great selection of Halloween and horror themed cakes like this Freddy Krueger cake:

This awesome Michael Myers cake:

And most recently, she created this amazing "Little Shop of Horrors" cake!

Hernandez does have other content on her page, like food and it looks like her side hustle is making and selling custom shirts and tumblers, which are amazing, but none rack up the views as much as her cake videos! I mean, look at her incredible skills!

Also, this is the cake I would like to have for my next birthday!

Hernandez doesn't specify which Vista Market she works at, but when we do find out, walk, don't run to Vista for your chance to have a cake made by this cake boss!


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