We've had Judge Jeanine on the Buzz Adams Morning Show a couple of times. They have both ended in the same way. Buzz and Judge Jeanine arguing and talking over each other. It's hilarious. Here is one of the those phone calls.

Someone else from Texas went right after Judge Jeanine and even Donald Trump on her own show. I'm sure when this was but here you go...

My favorite part? When the dude drops the hammer!

It's beneath you. You used to be a judge. You know better.

Of course, Judge Jeanine has to continue to just be one of the most horrible people on the planet. I've noticed that she is very predictable when she is on someone else's show. She takes the same stance she always does. Democrats and the Left are the worst thing on this planet. If you agree with her, awesome, let's just in the echo chamber and high five. If you disagree with her, she makes no valid point whatsoever but cries when someone asks a follow up question, claiming she's being interrupted and the how dare this other person invite her on their show only to interrupt her and not allow her to get to her point. It's an old, tired schtick that unfortunately gets ratings because there are enough people out there that hate the other side so bad, they'll back anything. Seriously, anything. Just look at how awful of a human being Judge Jeanine is.

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