Opinion: There's Plenty of Racial Diversity in Oscar Nominees
For the second year in a row not a single Academy Award nominee in any of the acting categories are black. This has caused a lot of commentary and talk of boycotts. Some of it comes from the people you'd suspect like Al Sharpton and Michael Moore. Plenty of minority celebrities seem to be hones…
Internet Turns Racist Rant Into Movie Trailer
After Janelle Ambrosia was caught on video yelling racist comments at a black man, she became one of the most hated viral sensations. The wonderful people of the internet have already turned her actions into crazy memes, and one person has even created a movie trailer.
ND White Supremacist Learns He's 14 Percent Black
In a moment that represents the very definition of karma, self-described white supremacist Craig Cobb, the man who is attempting to take over the sleepy little town of Leith, ND and turn in into a 'white enclave,' was given the shock of his life when he found out there was statistical evid…