Grab your ideal zombie apocalypse weapon and some tissues, because this is such a great feel good story.

7-year-old Spencer is an adorable kid who is battling a terminal mitochondrial disease. Doctors have not been able to give his parents a timeline of what the future holds, but that doesn't stop the family from enjoying every day they have together.

The amazing people at the Pasco County Sheriff's Department decided to make the zombie apocalypse dreams of this young boy come true. With help from some local high school drama students, Sheriff Chris Nocco invited Spencer to the station to save the occupants from a zombie horde.

Armed with a nerf gun, Spencer saved the station and is officially the hero we all deserve. The Sheriff's department even busted out a zombie dance for Spence and gave him and his parents a minivan to help get Spencer around, which was donated by a roofing company.

Rick Grimes would be proud.

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