One of the last places you want to be stranded and surrounded by zombies, or "walkers" in a real zombie apocalypse is on a boat. Luckily, the Walker Stalker Cruise gives you the experience of being trapped out in the ocean with zombies and some fan favorite Walking Dead cast members.

You could be relaxing on a cruise to the Bahamas with some trained walker killers such as Daryl Dixon himself in January 2016. Norman Reedus along with some other favorite characters like Emily Kinney, who played Beth, Chad L. Coleman who played Tyreese and many more will be riding along for this unique zombie experience. It's basically a floating zombie convention, which sounds amazing!

Fans will be able to enjoy zombie-themed concerts, games, contests and panels as they reach sanctuary. Hopefully it's nothing like Terminus. I hope they serve zombie-themed meals and yes, I am trying to say they should serve meat in the shape of Bob's leg.

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