A New Mexico man claims that he was binge-watching The Walking Dead and killed his friend to stop him from becoming a zombie.

Grants, New Mexico, police received a call on Thursday about an intoxicated man at an apartment complex who had a knife. When police arrived, they found the man being held down by two apartment complex maintenance personnel. Police found the victim's brutally beaten body in an apartment and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

23 year-old Damon Perry beat to death his friend, 23 year-old Christopher Paguin, after the two had been drinking "large amounts of alcohol" and the victim "changed into a zombie." Perry said the victim bit him, which caused him to beat and stab Paguin with his hands, feet, a guitar and even a microwave.

Perry blamed the murder on him binge-watching The Walking Dead. After the murder, the left the apartment with a knife and began threatening others, which led to the call to 911.

Christopher Paguin sadly died of his injuries and Damon Perry is now being charged with murder.

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